Graffiti and and dreams of teaching art then fate struck this talented tattooist.

Sasha was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, and has always loved to paint. It all began when he started drawing graffiti as a child. It was something that all the ‘cool’ kids were...

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Take care of your tattoo as told by your tattoo artist. But in case you forget here are some pointers.

General overview Days 1-6 – In the first few days, there will be swelling and redness that reduces gradually with each day. Scabbing begins to form over the area. Days 7-14 - Itching and...

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Inkbay TV - EP04

Andreas Bergman

When you work with something for a long time you learn to perfect it. You can’t go to school to become the best tattooer you have to work as a tattooer to become the best tattooer…

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Joel Soos. From a travelling tattoo artist to Co-owner of Sanctum Tattoo, with 1000 tattoos in between.

Joel has never been good at having a ”job”, he says. Being part of somebody else’s structured nine-to-five environment was, for him, stressful enough to encourage him to take the...

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A mind constantly at work, creating skulls smoking flowers, and girls floating in space. This unpredictable blackwork is the art of Pastilliam.

The door here is already open. I can hear music playing, and people laughing. I am entering studio Nothing in the centre of Stockholm, and I find William, who is perhaps better known as Pastilliam,...

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Inkbay TV - EP03

Usama - Stockholm

...I met a guy who was much better than me and I got TKO'ed. After the fight I lost my consciousness and I thought I was going to die, and after that I asked myself if I wanted to continue doing this? And I said yes...

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Inkbay TV - EP02

Natasa - Stockholm

...why I get tattooed all the time and I keep on doing it is because I love to have my friends art on my body, and I see it like scars. Things that you get true with and things that you like...

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Arvid talks laser pistols and how grateful he is when people choose to wear his tattoos for a lifetime

I am greeted by a smiling face accompanied by the low, yet energetic, sound of drum and bass emanating from the speakers in the studio. This is Black Book Tattoo in Östermalm, Stockholm, where...

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Sotarn - Stockholm

...I took a picture of a girl masturbating in front of a photo of the Swedish artist, Carola. The photographer, who photographed the original portrait of Carola around 20 years ago (which we happened to stumble across in a yard sale), wasn’t particularly

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Just in. From London UK to Södermalm SE and happy to stay.

You will find her in the very heart of Södermalm, in Stockholm’s Infamous Tattoo parlour. I arrive and am immediately served tea by this happy, energetic person. And of course it’s tea she is serving; Paris Pamela South has just moved here from London.

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