Inkbay Studio no.1

The aftermath of Inkbay Studio no.1 in Stockholm: 500 cans of beer, 30 people got tattooed and 7 people did not show.

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A quicky at Westbridge Tattoo in Copenhagen

The Copenhagen tattoo scene is booming and if your planning a trip here in the near future Westbridge Tattoo in Vesterbro is a must visit. We met for a quick chat with Elliot Bowes and Marcus...

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Great artists inspire Robin to create his own style

Robin Romano was born and raised in Stockholm. He has always had an enormous passion for art and painting since he was a child and today he has many sources of inspiration, ranging from great artists...

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Designing skateboards completely changed my mind of how I should be tattooing.

When I was younger, I studied art in Stockholm and, by then, had many friends who worked as tattoo artists in the small Swedish city of Tierp. It was around then, at an after party in a studio in...

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Queens fighting sexism, misogyny, and prejudice

Vickan has been working as a tattoo artist for almost six years now, and currently runs the Studio Queendom Crew at Södermalm in Stockholm. Originally hailing from the north of Sweden she moved...

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Graffiti and and dreams of teaching art then fate struck this talented tattooist.

Sasha was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, and has always loved to paint. It all began when he started drawing graffiti as a child. It was something that all the ‘cool’ kids were...

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Take care of your tattoo as told by your tattoo artist. But in case you forget here are some pointers.

General overview Days 1-6 – In the first few days, there will be swelling and redness that reduces gradually with each day. Scabbing begins to form over the area. Days 7-14 - Itching and...

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Inkbay TV - EP04

Andreas Bergman

When you work with something for a long time you learn to perfect it. You can’t go to school to become the best tattooer you have to work as a tattooer to become the best tattooer…

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Joel Soos. From a travelling tattoo artist to Co-owner of Sanctum Tattoo, with 1000 tattoos in between.

Joel has never been good at having a ”job”, he says. Being part of somebody else’s structured nine-to-five environment was, for him, stressful enough to encourage him to take the...

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