A quicky at Westbridge Tattoo in Copenhagen

A quicky at Westbridge Tattoo in Copenhagen

The Copenhagen tattoo scene is booming and if your planning a trip here in the near future Westbridge Tattoo in Vesterbro is a must visit.

We met for a quick chat with Elliot Bowes and Marcus Norrild to get their view of this lovely city and hear about their work. Make sure you follow these guys on Instagram: @elliotbowestattoo and @marcusnorrildtattoo

Elliot Bowes

What’s the best thing about Copenhagen?

- Copenhagen is a beautiful city. The best part about it is how multicultural it is. 

What kind of tattoos does the danish people want right now?

- Recently the Danes are liking the more simple heavy black traditional tattoos. 

If you had to tattoo the same motive for the rest of your life, what would it be?

- I could tattoo roses for the rest of my life. Classic and timeless. Plus there is so many variations you can do with a rose


Marcus Norrild 

What’s the best thing about Copenhagen?

- If i had to chose one thing it would be how the food/restaurant scene here is evolving! So much yummy stuff going on everywhere

What do you do when you’re not working? 

- When im not working im either hanging out with friends or preparing stuff for when im working next! 

How did you become a tattoo artist?

- Im actually still an apprentice, but it happened pretty random i guess! I met my teacher Elliot, through a mutual friend and got a lot of cool tattoos made by him! Later we became good friends and well long story short im now his apprentice!


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